Reka's Story – SoDelishUs

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a long-term condition where the gut becomes inflamed, in 2004, Reka knows the importance and impact your diet and nutrition can have on your lifestyle. In her own words, Reka shares her view on health and wellbeing, and why SoDelishUs is so important: “I was diagnosed in 2004 with Crohn’s disease but I’ve had problems with my stomach since I was really young. I was always very sensitive to what I ate and which foods caused problems for me.

I was getting very poorly when I was nineteen and in my twenties. After years and years of various medical problems with my stomach, after many hospital treatments I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in a private hospital. It’s not easy to diagnose this as symptoms can vary and the exact cause is still unknown. When I was diagnosed I was so poorly and weak after many years of unsuccessful consultations with doctors. Every winter for three years I was taken to hospital for weeks to get an infusion with the goal of building up my immune system again.

The doctors said the only way my disease would be manageable was if I took steroids regularly. That was the point when my family and I said no. Surely, there was another way? I didn’t want to take steroids. Thanks to my Dad, who was a food scientist and food research engineer, he started to teach me about healthy eating. Specifically, the importance of which macro and micro elements are essential for me.

Luckily I started to get better and better. All these experiences gave me the inspiration to learn about food, health and wellbeing in a more professional way; I became a qualified nutritional adviser. Thanks to my Dad’s background he created a great research and development team who started working on our projects for me - testing so many new lines of healthy ingredients and alternatives for healthy foods retail products. That’s how the food businesses for Balazs and I started.

We recognised a gap in the variety of food ingredients; there was very limited to no available healthier options for many food areas. In 2010 my husband and I made the decision to create our own food blending factory to be able to create the best tailor-made healthy ingredients and supply them to food manufacturers to use them and make their own products healthier with changing the unhealthy bits to healthy. This was not just a business for us, it was a lot more. It was my health, my wellbeing, my life and that of my family’s.

In the last 10 years our group of companies have become known internationally and now we are proud to be bringing SoDelishUs to the UK.
When we moved to the UK, I was shocked there was no range of low carb, low sugar, high protein products on the supermarket shelves. Other trends were very popular like low fat and gluten free. As Crohn’s disease is a very complex, there are a lot limitations with what you can and can’t eat, the amount of it, which ingredients your body does and doesn’t tolerate and so much more.

SoDelishUk is the answer to this gap and brings healthier foods to all families, myself and my family included.”