At SoDelishUs, We Pride Ourselves On Our Contribution To Building An Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Environment.

We have seen many things change over the years, having been in food production. The environmental impact from meat and dairy production has seen growing CO2 emissions across the world. The rising numbers have caused concerns and it has been the responsibilities of the manufacturers to address this.

We are pleased to be at the forefront of offering a meat-alternative product to help with the rising concerns from meat-production. Along with offering our range of products, we have considered other environmental impacts, such as packaging and plastic waste.

Our full range of products considers environmental impact. From our plant-based savoury foods to our high-in-fibre sweet foods. Our promise to our customers is that we will continue to develop our products to ensure it is as eco-friendly in manufacturing and low impact to the environment as possible.


The SoDelishUs Eco-Promise

  • Packaging is aluminium-free and plastic-free.
  • Small packaging volume for our food - we use exactly what is needed.
  • No secondary packaging for our veggie pieces.
  • Minimum label printed on the packaging afterward; a thin layer, no larger than an A4 sheet of paper.
  • Our products do not need to be chilled or frozen. This means there is no need to use a lot of energy under the production, storage or transportation from the factory to the warehouse or to the customer.
  • We are constantly researching better ways to manufacture, produce and distribute our foods to you with our in-house R&D team.

  • The SoDelishUs Packaging Promise

  • Packaging is aluminium-free and material only suitable for contact with food is used.
  • Small packaging volume for our food - we use exactly what is needed.
  • Protective design to ensure minimal rips and leaks, allowing a long shelf life at ambient temperature and baring a high temperature sterilisation process.
  • Minimum weight compared to quantity of product within (20g to contain 500g of product). We use as little packaging as possible.
  • Our packaging for the baked mixes is FSC Mix paper.
  • Our packaging manufacturing process is carbon neutral.

  • Balazs and Reka, as founder’s of SoDelishUsM, and directors of The Healthy Food Development Ltd are pleased to have connections and contacts within the below industry bodies. Their awareness of quality food produce is backed up by facts from these accredited bodies. Should you have any questions about these bodies, or to Reka and Balazs about their food produce, please complete the Contact Us page.

    FDF - Food & Drink Federation

    Food and Drink Federation (FDF) represents the interests of the UK's food and non-alcoholic drinks manufacturing industry and specific food sectors.


    BRC Food

    The BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety was created to ensure supplier compliance and secure retailers' ability to guarantee the quality and safety of the food products they sell.


    IS0 9001

    ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is the only standard in the family that can be certified to (although this is not a requirement).


    Vegan Trademark

    The Vegan Trademark has been helping users identify that a product is free from animal ingredients since 1990. Registration with the trademark gives brands the confidence to shout about their vegan credentials. Look out for the Vegan Trademark on over 47,000 products worldwide.


    Vegetarian Trademark

    The vegetarian trademark accreditation is a sign of trust and reassurance to customers.


    Halal Reassurance

    Halal food has been prepared according to Islamic law, and is free from pork products, alcohol and certain other ingredients.